Are You a Boss or a Leader?

The distinction between being a boss and being a leader may seem small, but it means the world to the people who work for you.

Being the boss does not necessarily mean you are leading. Here is a list of 10 characteristics that will help you determine if you are having a positive impact on your employees.

A boss knows it all; a leader is always learning.

A boss gives answers; a leader seeks solutions.

A boss talks more than listens; a leader listens more than talks.

A boss directs; a leader coaches.

A boss criticizes; a leader encourages.

A boss identifies weaknesses; a leader identifies natural gifts.

A boss is all about “me;” a leader is all about “we.”

A boss places blame; a leader takes accountability.

A boss protects her ego; a leader reveals her vulnerability.

A boss demands results; a leader inspires performance.

Every team has a boss, but they really need a leader.  Start leading today!

Are You a Boss or a Leader? |



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