The Daily Ritual of Successful People

Rookie parents with newborn babies are told to take care of their own needs first if they want to take care of their children effectively. It’s like when the flight attendant tells you to put on your own oxygen mask before you put one on your child: It sounds counterintuitive. It even sounds downright selfish. But if you don’t do it, both you and your baby will be in trouble.

Owners of successful startups find themselves in a similar situation. Employees, clients, and even friends and family can overwhelm you with their needs, and if you’re not careful, it can deplete you. This is why you have to make time to do the one thing that centers you, and do it every single day without fail.

Unfortunately, this is typically one of the first tasks to fall off of to-do lists. But there has to be a chunk of time every day that’s for you and you alone. Otherwise, you won’t be much good to the employees, clients, and others who are counting on you.

  • It’s me time
  • It’s a ritual
  • It’s essential for your business

The Daily Ritual of Successful People


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