10 Things the Most Successful CEOs Say to Themselves Every Morning

10 Things the Most Successful CEOs Say to Themselves Every Morning

10 Things the Most Successful CEOs Say to Themselves Every Morning

The best part of waking up…

How you start your day determines how much success you’ll find in your future. Here are some positive and inspiring messages to start your mornings with.

Personal growth
  • Personal growth: If you improve yourself today, you’ll be able to accomplish a great deal of good in the future. It’s important to constantly search for ways to do better.
Be as effective as possible
  • Be as effective as possible: If you’re faced with a workload that exceeds your availability, focus on managing priorities. Decide what’s most important, and cultivate the discipline to commit to it through a forest of competing tasks.
Make yourself accessible
  • Make yourself accessible: Maintaining and building relationships takes time and patience. It may not feel efficient to spend time in a personal discussion with a colleague, but it may end up being the best investment you make all day.
Find the silver lining
  • Find the silver lining: If your workplace is infected with negativity, it falls to the leader to reverse that trend and create a culture of positivity. Be clear that you expect others to do the same, and the result is excellence.
Never accept mediocrity
  • Never accept mediocrity:No one reaches success by staying within the bounds of what feels safe. Keep making new, audacious goals to keep your passion ignited. Push through barriers, and avoid words like “can’t” or “impossible.”
Embrace your mistakes
  • Embrace your mistakes: The most successful leaders are engaged in a constant process of learning, growth, and improvement. Always treat failure as a teacher, rather than an endpoint.
Influence is power
  • Influence is power: Successful leaders know how much help it took them to get there, and they understand how interdependent we all are. When possible, remember to offer support and guidance to others around you.
I will appreciate people
  • Give your thanks: Even children understand the importance of saying “thank you.” People feel empowered when they feel they’re being noticed and appreciated.
Character is at the core of any success worth having
  • Character is at the core of any success worth having: We all have three versions of character: one we exhibit, one that reflects how we think of ourselves, and the one that’s real. The more closely aligned these are, the more authentic our leadership becomes.
Don't get jaded
  • Don’t get jaded: People at the top have cultivated a genuine appreciation for their success–an attitude that keeps them humble and open. It also adds depth to everything they achieve.

10 Things the Most Successful CEOs Say to Themselves Every Morning


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